Friday, January 2, 2009

New Services at G2O

We are adding new services to our Spa Department. These services are for people who are on-the-go and for anyone that needs help with winter skin remedies. Please feel free to call one of our receptionists for more information.

Skin Fixx 30 Minutes $50

Let our highly-trained estheticians analyze your skin and customize your at-home skin care regime. Cost of service is redeemable in skin care products

Traveler's Spa Package 80 minutes $135

This service includes a traveler's exfoliation and massage along with ear candling. The massage is specifically designed to ease the physical stresses of travel, targeting the back, neck and shoulders. An invigorating eucalyptus exfoliation for the lower legs and feet helps to reduce edema and improve circulation. Ear Candling helps to relieve post-flight sinus and ear congestion.

Targeted Massages 30 Minutes $65

Choose one of our targeted massage treatments to alleviate tired, sore or overworked muscles. 

9-5 Shift Massage (neck, shoulders, back)
Runner's Massage (legs, and feet)
Techie's Massage (arms, and hands)

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